What can I do to help prevent damage to my pavement?

Avoid wheel indentations caused by parking vehicles for extended lengths of time, particularly between 11:00 am. and 3:00 p.m during hot summer months.

Avoid turning wheels while your vehicle is stationary.

Avoid placing objects on your new asphalt with high pressure points such as ladders, jacks, bike stands, lawn furniture, etc.

Avoid driving near the edge of the asphalt…this may cause the edge to fail and cracks to develop.

Keep grass along the sides of the asphalt trimmed short at all times to reduce the opportunity for roots to grow under the edge and cracks to form.

Avoid downspouts discharging and pooling water next to your driveway as this softens the base and will case the asphalt to fail.

Also avoid water from surrounding landscapes from pooling next to your driveway as this may add undue moisture to the pavement base.

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